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Retaining walls increase the value of your property

Add value to your home by installing a retaining wall on your property. Retaining walls are greatly helpful in erosion control and can also be innovatively used for creating terraced gardens.


Count on Angell Landscape, the leading installer of retaining walls in the Marshalltown, IA area, for all your landscaping needs. Call us at 641-752-9555 for a FREE estimate on our landscaping services. We will come to your doorstep to take a look at your property and assist you with price estimation.

Retaining wall Stairs
  • Segmented block wall

  • Natural stone wall

  • Boulder wall

  • Outdoor and living space

  • Planting beds

  • Lawn slope management

  • Custom design services

Meeting your landscaping needs

Choose from a wide selection of colors and high-quality materials including natural stone, blocks, and boulders. Get custom design services and hassle-free installation from our experienced team.


Our friendly staff will answer all your questions regarding our landscape design services. Call us for a consultation or browse through our website for more information about our paver designing services.

Excellent landscaping services

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